What does defense mean in hockey?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The defense in hockey stops the other team from scoring goals. The goalie is also part of the defensive unit, he/she plays in front of the goal. Forwards also play defense, usually against the defense of the other team. Also, during penalties, the defense works in a 4-person unit to hold off the powerplay of the other team.

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The act of defending your zone, goal and teammates.

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It means either to go to your "home positions" or get ready to block from a certain spot on the net.

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Q: What does defense mean in hockey?
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What are the main positions in a hockey game?

Left Wing Center Right Wing Defense Defense Goaltender

What is an aggressive ice hockey defense player called?


Who plays hockey?

I've played Field Hockey for almost six years. I LOVEit.I'm a defence player/ goalie.It truly is the best sport ever played on the earth.

Is there a sports word that starts with z?

Zamboni is a hockey word. A Zamboni is a machine used to clean the ice at a hockey game. Zone defense is a term on basketball, football and hockey.

If your son is very proficient at both offense and defense in hockey and wants to play the game at the highest level which way should he focus?


How many in a hockey team?

If you mean how many PLAYERS are on a hockey team, then it can vary. Minor hockey teams often have 12 skaters and 2 goalies, so 124 players. But on an NHL team, they have 4 lines of 5 skaters, so 20 skaters in total. Add on the 2 goalies and you get a total of 22 players on the average NHL hockey team.If you mean how many PLAYERS PER LINE on a hockey team, then there are 2 Defense, 3 Forwards, and 1 goalie. So that's 5 skaters, and 1 goalie.

What sport uses the ball as defense?

You can use the ball as defense in the sport of dodgeball.

What sport relies more on defense?

Hockey, Soccer, Football just to name a few

What are some sports words that start with z?

Zone defense is a term in basketball, football and hockey. Zamboni is the name of the machine that cleans the ice at a hockey game.

In hockey what does cradle mean?

"Carring" the puck in the hockey stick

What are the player roles of hockey?

net minder ,defense, left wing, right wing, center.

Describe hockey breakout D to D to center?

In hockey you have 4 positions. Goalie, Center, Defense and Winger. Defense is frequently refered to as "d". A D to D to center breakout basically means: one defense gains control of the puck and passes it to the other defense (D to D). The center is now "curling" (basically heading up the ice, towards the offenseive end). The defense then passes the puck to the center (D to center).