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Hockey, Soccer, Football just to name a few

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Q: What sport relies more on defense?
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What sport uses the ball as defense?

You can use the ball as defense in the sport of dodgeball.

What sport does defense have the ball?


What is the triad of nuclear weapons that the US relies on for national defense?

ICBMsSLBMsLong Range Bombers

Is defense a chant in baseball?

No. The chant 'defense' is used in the sport of American football.

What is the purpose for a gun?

Hunt, sport, defense, collecting.

What is a illegal substitution on defense?

It depends what sport you are talking about..

What are the positive and negative aspects of a jury trial?

Positive- if the defense relies upon community standards more than the definition of the law, a jury can be influenced more than a panel of judges. - if public emotion is against the defendant - if media attention is sought for the trial to spread a message. - easier to corrupt a jury than a panel of judges. Negative- if the defense relies upon technical legal defenses or complicated explanations a jury is less likely to be influenced by the defense than a panel of judges.

Is Bowling a Dual Sport?

Bowling, like golf, is an OFFENSIVE sport only. There is no DEFENSE in bowling.

Why do civilians need guns?

Hunting, sport, self defense

What sport started as a form of self-defense?

martial arts

What is the role of sport in shaping Australia's identity?

Australia relies on sports to make people have a good impression of the country and its spirit of unity. Rugby is a dominant sport in Australia.

What is only sport played with a ball that when you have possession of the ball you are on defense?


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