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there own voices :O

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Q: What did nhl referees use before whistles?
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Which hockey whistles should you use to referee?

Any standard whistle used by referees in any other sport will work.

What Equipment that referees and officials use?

Referees and officials commonly use equipment such as whistles, flags, cards (yellow and red), a watch or stopwatch for timekeeping, and a notebook to keep track of game events and infractions. Additionally, they may also use communication devices like headsets to stay connected with other officials during the game.

What places sell silent dog whistles?

Dog whistles inflict pain upon the dog with their high frequency noise. The use of dog whistles in dog training is cruel and archaic.

What kind of whistles do NFL officials use?

Fox 40

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Are football referees allowed to use contact lenses during refereeing?


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What did officials do before they used a whistle?

Before using a whistle, officials used hand signals or flags to communicate calls during sports games or other events. Whistles eventually became popular for their loud and clear sound that could easily grab players' attention and signal them to stop or start play.

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Do you need fartlek for basketball?

No but however you will need to wear clothes as referees prefer the use of clothes

Where is sound used in sports?

Referees in football, basketball and soccer use a whistle for various signals.

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