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There are seven positions in the game of Netball. GS- Main shooter and is only allowed in one third of the court and in circle. GA- Secondary shooter but can put up as much shots as GS. Is allowed in two thirds and in circle. WA- Main feeder for shooters and is allowed in two thirds C- Defender and Attacker. Can feed to the shooters and help defense. Allowed in whole court except circles. WD- Allowed in two parts of the court. Helps defender outside of circle. GD- Marks the GA, allowed in two thirds and the circle GK- Marks the GS and is only allowed in one third and the circle.

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Each player has there importance in netball.

GS-Goal shooter role is to shoot goals.

GA- Goal Attack role to get the ball towards the shooting area and try to shoot goals.

GK- Goal Keeper defends Goal Shooter and prevents them from shooting a goal

GD- Goal Defence gets the ball away from the oposing team and prevents goals

C- Center role is to pass the ball around to there shooting area

WA- The role of Wing Attack is the work in the team's area and get the ball towards shooting area

WD- Wing Defence role is to get the ball off the opposing team side

Hope this helps. :P

Netball is really fun.

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GS/Goal Shooter= To score goals and to work in and around the circle with the GA. Court area= the third they are shooting in and in the goal semi-circle.

GA/Goal Attack= To feed and work with GS and to score goals. Court Area= the centre third and the third they are shooting in & the goal semi-circle.

WA/Wing Attack= To feed the circle players giving them shooting opportunities. Court Area= The third they are shooting in and centre third and NOT IN THE GOAL SEMI-CIRCLE!

C/Centre= To take the Centre Pass and to link the defence and the attack. Court Area= the whole court except the goal semi-circle at both ends.

WD/Wing Defence= To look for interceptions and to prevent the WA from feeding the circle. Court Area= The centre third and the third where the other team is shooting and NOT IN THE GOAL SEMI-CIRCLE!

GD/Goal Defence= To win the ball and reduce the effectiveness of the GA. Court Area= The third where the other team is shooting and in the semi-circle and in the centre third.

GK/Goal Keeper= To work with the GD and to prevent the GS from scoring goals. Court Area= only in the third the other team is shooting at and in the semi-circle.

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Goal Shooter (GS)

Goal Keeper (GK)

Goal Attack x 2 (GA)

Goal Defense x 2 (GD)

Centre (C)

All players are on court at the same time. You wear a bib with the letter assigned to your position so it is easy to tell if you are offside.

Centre can go anywhere except the shooting circle at either end.

Only GS and GA can go in your own shooting area. But can not cross the 2/3 line.

Only GK and GD can go in the other team's shooting circle but have to stop at 2/3s line gonig towards their own goal area.

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The main position in netball is 'C' (CENTER) Which menas you can go anywhere on the court except the semi-circles Help?

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Goal Shooter ;Goal Attack; Wing Attack; Centre; Wing Defence; Goal Defence; Goal Keeper

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Q: What are the roles of the positions on a netball team?
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How many positions are there on a netball court?

7 for each team.

How many possisions are there in a netball team?

There are seven positions on a netball team.Goal AttackGoal ShooterGoal KeeperGoal DefenceCenterWing AttackWing Defence

What netball gear does players needs?

netball skirt, top, runners, socks etc. and the skirt and top in team colours. Also you need team bibs which have the positions on every bib.

When can you swap positions in a game of netball?

You may swap positions in a netball game during quarter time

Players and positions in netball?

there are seven players on each team (gk, gd, wd, c, wa, ga, gs)

Is netball a team game?

Yes, Netball is a team game.

What are the roles and responsibilities of an time keeper in netball?

To keep the time accurately and make sure that no extra time is allocated to either team.

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Where can you find netball positions individually so the kids can shade in the positions themselves?

you could search the internet for the rules and let them watch netball games on you tube. And if they are in year 6 or bellow you can let them play in school netball.

What roles are there in a netball team?

C = centreWA =wing attackWD =wing defenceGA =goal attackGD =goal defenceGK =goal keeperGS = goal shooter

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