Players and positions in netball

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there are seven players on each team (gk, gd, wd, c, wa, ga, gs)

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Q: Players and positions in netball
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What is the different between netball and basketball?

Netball is played in thirds, basketball in half's. Netball is non-contact, while basketball is contact. Netball nets are similar to basketball nets but have no backboard are taller and smaller in diameter. Netball has seven players, basketball has five. Netball players have bibs and specific positions, basketball does not.

How many players are needed on the court to play netball?

There are 7 positions on court, but you can have a minimum of 5 players on court, one of which must play Centre.

Can you rotate positions in netball?


Where can players go on the netball pich?

were can netball players go in the cought

How much do netball players get paid compared to rugby players?


When can you swap positions in a game of netball?

You may swap positions in a netball game during quarter time

Can a team take the court with only 4 players netball?

no you need to have a minimum of 7 players on court because there is 7 positions but you can have up to 12 on a team

What netball gear does players needs?

netball skirt, top, runners, socks etc. and the skirt and top in team colours. Also you need team bibs which have the positions on every bib.

Where does the positions in netball go?


Where can you find a diagram of a netball court showing where the players positions are on the court?

Why do netball players need to be flexible?

Netball players dont have to be flexible, im a netball player im noway near flexible. :)

How many players are on a netball team and what positions?

7 players: goal keeper goal attack goal shooter goal defense wing attack wing defense center

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