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To keep the time accurately and make sure that no extra time is allocated to either team.

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Q: What are the roles and responsibilities of an time keeper in netball?
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What are the important roles and responsibilities of officials in basketball?

the time keeper

What are the roles and responsibities of the time keeper in netball?

the time keeper is to tell the time which is need in each halves, quaters and extra time. they have to tell the umpire all about this, its an important job. hope i helped, lee.

What does the time keeper do in netball?

keep time

Is there a timekeeper in netball?

no but there is a time keeper in high five netball which is played in primary schools!

Who are the officials in netball and their duties?

Official Roles Consist of Upper Court Umpire Lower Court Umpire Score Keeper Time Keeper (occasionally but not necessary) The perspective coaches Possibly a third or back-up assisting umpire

What job did the Anglo Saxons women do?

Women in the Anglo-Saxon time period had 2 main roles. 1. Keeper of the Home 2. Keeper of the children

What are the roles and responsabilites of a score keeper in netball?

The role of a timekeeper in a netball game is very important . A timekeeper tells when the match is to stop and to give extra time .P.S : Follow me on tumblr

What is the full contraction of keeper?

This can be time keeper or zoo keeper

Who are the players on a netball team?

The players on a Netball Team are: GS- Goal shooter GA- Goal Attack WA- Wing attack C-Centre WD- wing defence GK- Goal keeper GD- Goal defence There are 14 on the court at a time. There are 7 on each team with usually 2-3 substitutes.

How many people play netball in country?

too many to count there is over 100 000 Netball clubs in Australia

What are the two main responsibilities of a referee in basketball?

There are many roles of officials in basketball such as, Time keeper, Referee, Score keeper, Umpire, Good Commiincator. This is only some im sure there is planty more. the time keeper of course is in charge of making sure that the match doesnt over run. referee is in charge of of making sure that all rules are followed. score keepers keep track of scores umpire (fill in) good comunicator or coach

What is the role of the Time keeper in rounders?

There is not an offical time keeper in badminton as you play untill you win, but there maybe a time keeper that keeps an eye on the time to make sure they dont run over.