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Thirty gold medals are presented to the winning club, and 30 silver medals to

the runner-up. Additional medals may not be produced.

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Q: What are requirements for a champions league winners medal How many matches must you play or just be a squad member?
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How many uefa champions league title does mancherster united?

3. European cup winners 1968. champions league winners 1999. champions league winners 2008

What cup from now on will be played between the winners of the Champions League and the Europa League?

The cup will called the UEFA Super Cup. It will be played between the winners od the Champions League and Europa League.

Why does UEFA separate fans for Champions League matches?

The UEFA separate fans of the Champions League matches because of the passions involved in such matches. The separation helps the security team to manage the security of the matches.

Can the f a cup winner go to the Uefa champions league?

NO, the Uefa champions league is from league position places in each country not for cup winners. FA Cup winners go into the Europa League

What music is playing during UEFA Champions League matches?

We are the champions, by Heineken

Who is the only player to win an fa cup winners medal league cup winners medal champions league winners medal uefa cup winners medal and the premier league?

Paulo Ferreira, who won the Uefa Cup and Champions League with FC Porto and the other trophies with Chelsea.

Which team has won the champions league but not qualified the following season?

This is not possible as the winners of the Champions League and Europa League get direct entry to the next UEFA Champions League. Hence this case can't happen in the Champions League.

Where can one go to view a list of past baseball Champions League winners?

One can view a list of past baseball Champions League Winners on the appropriate website for each league. Wikipedia has information about past winners, so does the Major League Baseball website.

How many winners of the uefa champions league were actually winners of their national league the year before?

3 (Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United).

How much is the champions league worth?

The winners of english premier league gets €16 million

Who were the Kenya premier league winners in 2009?

The Kenya premier league champions in 2009 were Sofapaka.

Who will show the champions league games in 2010?

Both Setanta Sports and Fox Soccer Channel (FSC) will show the Champions League matches.