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We are the champions, by Heineken

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Q: What music is playing during UEFA Champions League matches?
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Do they use the actual Champions League trophy during victory parades?

Yes, they do.

Do the la liga champions play the serie a champions?

Not automatically, but they can meet during the course of the UEFA Champions League competition, if they get drawn against each other.

What song was played during Champions League final's trophy lift ceremony?


Why is it quiet during tennis matches?

Because the people that are playing needs silence to concentrate on playing.

During the Champions League final in 1999 which 2 United midfielders did not play?


Which player has won the premier league the champions league and the fa cup but has been relegated and never played the championship or the uefa cup?

It's Raimond van der Gouw. He has won the Premiership, Champions League (unused sub) and FA Cup (unused sub) with Manchester United, has never played in the Uefa Cup (Manchester United were always in the Champions League during his time at there, and he never experienced European football elsewhere), and was relegated with West Ham United (despite not playing a game for them).

How many games did Manchester United play in 2006-2007?

During the 2006-07 season, Manchester United played 11 friendlies, 38 Premier League games, 8 FA Cup matches (including two replays), 2 League Cup games, and 12 Champions League games - a total of 71 games.

How many times did Chelsea win the European champions league?

Chelsea have never auctually won the Eruopean Champions League, however this year 2012 they have reached the finals just like they did 2008 when they lost against Manchester United during the penalty shoot out.

What team has won the champions league 2 times in a row?

real Madrid from 1955 to 1960. benfica 1961 and 1962. internationale 1963 and 1964 ajax 1970 to 1973 bayern munich 1974 to 1976 Liverpool fc has won the champions league twice in a row as well, during the years 1977 and 1978 Nottingham forest under brian clough has won the champions league twice in a row during the years 1979 and 1980.

Do they show replays during live matches in Barclay's premier league?

They do. Sometimes (just sometimes though) it gets in the way of the action.

Which musical instrument made problem in 2010 World Cup Football?

The Vuvuzela. People were playing them loudly during matches.

Do soccer players get injures during matches or at practices?

It is possible to get injured in any situation, during matches, friendlies, practice matches, training or even at home.

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