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Pants. Im a hockey player.

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Q: What are hockey pants called by hockey players?
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Why are hockey pants baggy?

Hockey players to protect against bumps and falls. Cotton or foam in there and it seemsthat the baggy clothes hockey.

What are called to players in hockey?


Do you need hockey pants and hockey shorts?

I am a AAA hockey player, they do not require us to wear hockey shorts, but hockey pants are a neccesity.

What is the players possitions called in field hockey?

same as soccer

What is the object hit by players in ice hockey called?


What is the most common type of ice hockey pants used in the pros?

It depends. If a team has a contract with a supplier, then they may require the players to wear the pants of that supplier. If there is no contract, it's what the player wants.

What are the ice hockey players called that come out just to fight?


What are mullet haircuts really called?

Mullet is the proper name for them. Also called "hockey hair" because the mullet was quite popular amongst hockey players.

List 5 equipment that hockey players use during a game?

They use shoulder pads, elbow pads, shin guards, hockey pants, helmet, gloves and a cup.

In hockey can you put pant shells on regular hockey pants or do you have to have certain pants?

Shells are cosmetic covers for your existing hockey pants. They are typically used by teams that want to have a consistent look to their uniforms when player have a wide variety of styles and colors of their own pants. They have no padding of their own. The shell is simply pulled on (or left on) over the top of your regular hockey pants. They will have a belt which can be cinched at the waist to keep the pants up. The shell will not cover the kidney protectors on the top of the pants that rise above the waist, but these are covered by the hockey sweater anyway.

When was Professional Hockey Players' Association created?

Professional Hockey Players' Association was created in 1967.

What do you call a hockey players stick?

(Hockey) stick.