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Q: What are the ice hockey players called that come out just to fight?
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Where are hockey players from?

Only the BEST hockey players come from Canada! The best hockey players come from Canada but they are normal like us,just talented

How many hockey players come from Canada?

53.2 % of NHL players are Canadian.

Do most NHL players come from Sweden?

No ... Not even close ...

What do hockey players get out of hockey?

If played correctly, with hustle, and with heart, hockey will teach a player how to work with a team, how to work hard to achiesve something, and how to get up after a brutal hit. Hockey can also condition players legs, core, and upper body. A player will also come away from their hockey career knowing how to throw a wicked punch, which can come in handy.

Why do come players wear a c on their uniforms?

A ' C' on a uniform, typically in hockey, stands for 'Captain' of the team.

Before playing in the NAHL-North American Hockey League-were do the players come from?

They come from the USA and Canada .High School, AA, AAA, Jr. B leagues. players can come from basically anywhere. as long as they are with in the age restrictions.

Why do the German hockey players come to play in the NHL?

Because it's the best league in the world and they want to compete with the best players in the world. And because of the Stanley Cup.

How do junoir A hockey players go to university hockey such as Boston university?

You can simply apply to the college and hope to get accepted and make the hockey team. Otherwise to get a hockey scholarship, it is best to play on a Junior A team that has a good record in order to have University Hockey scouts come watch the Junior A games. Most Junior A teams have University scouts watch games, but only stand out players will be approached by the scouts.

What are the players called that stands behind the forwards?

In field hockey: Midfielders... There are usually 4 of them with 3 forwards and 3 defense-men and 1 goalie. In ice hockey: Defensemen. They come in pairs with 3 forwards (Left Wing, Centre, and Right Wing) and one goalie.

What hockey team has the best fans in the world?

Pakistan is the best hockey team in the world and has more fans. My mom and dad are both international hockey players. This is beneficial because many fans come to our house. My mom is the captain of the team and is classified as "the mother of hockey."

How many players in the NHL played Junior C hockey?

Probably a few. Emery, Domi, Staubitz, and Justin Williams come to mind.

Where did the rules from floor hockey come from?

ice hockey

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