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85 bears

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Q: What NFL team has the most shutouts in a row?
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NFL team lose most Super Bowls?

The Bills, Broncos, and Vikings. Bills are significant because they lost four years in a row.

What does STRK mean in the NFL standings?

That stands for streak and is the number of games the team has won or lost in a row. A W in front of the number means the team has won that number in a row, an L in front means the team has lost that number in a row.

What NFL team had 20 winning seasons in a row?

Dallas Cowboys (1966-1985).

Which NFL team was the first to LOSE four Super Bowl games in a row?

the buffalo bills

What team holds the record for consecutive NFL regular season loses in a row?

Detroit Lions

What college team has the most wins in a row?


If a NFL team wins 3 championships in a row what is that called?

They call it a "Three-Peat" No, they are called the Green Bay Packers.

What soccer team has lost most games in a row?


Which team has won the most NFL championships in a row?

The most consecutive NFL championships won is three and has been done twice, both times by the Green Bay Packers from 1929-1931 and 1965-1967. Wrong the Buffalo Bills won the AFC championship four times in a row but failed to win the superbowl every time

What is the records for most wins in a row by an NBA Team?

The 1971-72 Lakers won 33 in a row.

Which premiership team has the most clean sheets in a row?

Man UTd

What team has the most bowl wins in a row in college football?