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Q: What soccer team has lost most games in a row?
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A soccer team boasts that it has won three times as many games as it has lost the team had no tie games during soccer season the team played a total of 48 games how many games did the team lose?

they lost twelve. if you wanna do math heres how i figured it out: half of 48 is 24 and half of 24 is 12 so 3x12 is 48. if you dont understand that then i have no idea how to explain.

Doug's Team played 30 soccer games They won 12 more games than they lost How many games did Doug win?


Which team in history of fifa soccer world cup won the most games?

Brazil have won the most games.

What European soccer team played the most champions league games?

It has to be Barcelona.

How do you solve the math problem a team played 125 soccer games they won 15 more games than they lost how many games did they win?

X = games.X + (X + 15) = 1252X + 15 = 1252X = 110X = 55-----------X + 15 = 70----------------------The team won 70 gamesThe team lost 55 games

Most soccer world cup games won by a player not a team and games not titles?

y u askin me

What team has lost the second most games in Yankee Stadium?

the Yankees

What team lost the most AFC championship games?

Oakalnd Raiders

What teams have the Dallas Cowboys lost the most games to?

every team

What is the most expensive soccer team?

manchester united soccer team

What NFL team lost the most games 2000-2009?

Oakland raiders

Which baseball team lost the most games in a season?

the new york mets