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Terry Bradshaw is a perfect 4-0 in Super Bowl play.

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Q: Terry bradshaw ever lost a superbowl?
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In 1970 what team lost a coin toss for the right to draft Terry Bradshaw?

Chicago Bears

Has Tom Brady ever lost a Super Bowl?

Yes, he lost in the 42nd superbowl to the Giants.

Did quarterback Kerry Collins ever win a Super Bowl?

No. He was starter for the NY Giants in Superbowl XXXV but his Giants lost 34-7.

What nfl team lost four super bowls in a row?

As of Super Bowl XLIX, Tom Brady of the New England Patriots, Terry Bradshaw of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Joe Montana of the San Francisco 49ers are the only quarterbacks to win 4 Super Bowl titles.

How many continious wins does Miami Dolphins have?

18 (They lost Superbowl VI, played a perfect Season and won Superbowl VII and won the first game of the 1973 season but lost the second to the Raiders) This is the 2nd longest winning Streak ever, only the New England Patriots had a longer streak.

Who lost 2012 superbowl?

New England Patriots

Who lost the superbowl the most times?

Pittsburgh Steelers

Which Pittsburgh Steeler quarterbacks started in the Super Bowl?

There have been three starting quarterbacks for the Steelers in Super Bowls. Terry Bradshaw started in Super Bowls IX-X-XIII-XIV, Ben Roethlisberger in XL & XLIII and Neil O'Donnell in Super Bowl XXX.

What former quarterback does TV commercial for diet?

Terry Bradshaw a former quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers currently does a commercial for the diet program Nutri-System. In the commercial he claims to have lost over 32 pounds following the program.

Who lost Super Bowl 40?

The Seattle Seahawks lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers in Superbowl 40.

Who did the chiefs play at the Super Bowl?

The Minnesota Vikings.The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Minnesota Vikings 23-7 in Superbowl IV.

What was the records of the Giants super bowl years?

3-1 superbowl's won: XXI 39-20 over denver XXV 20-19 over buffalo XLII 14-17 over patriots superbowl's lost: 34-7 lost to ravens in superbowl XXXV