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The Minnesota Vikings.
The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Minnesota Vikings 23-7 in Superbowl IV.

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KC has been in 2 superbowls. Superbowl I and Superbowl IV

They lost Superbowl I to the packers, but when they returned, in Superbowl IV they defeated the Vikings.

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Q: Who did the chiefs play at the Super Bowl?
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Did johnhuarte play on super bowl Kansas City Chiefs?

he was on the roster

Could the Chiefs play the Texans in the 2010 Super Bowl?

No, the Super Bowl pits the champion of the American Football Conference against the champion of the National Football Conference. Since both the Chiefs and Texans play in the American Football Conference, it would not be possible for them to meet in the Super Bowl.

What team did the mn vikings play in there first Super Bowl?

KC Chiefs...and of course they lost!

Who did the packers play in the first championship?

They played the Kansas City Chiefs in the first Super Bowl.

What year Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs play?

The Chiefs and Packers played against each other in Super Bowl I

Who won the super 14 game between the chiefs vs force?

If you mean Super Bowl 14/Chiefs didn't play/Steelers defeated the Rams 31-19

How many Super Bowls did the Chiefs win?

One. The Chiefs defeated the Minnesota Viking, 23-7, in Super Bowl IV.

When did the Minnesota Vikings play the Kansas City Chiefs?

Not until 2015. They play the chiefs every four years and they last played in 2011. Unless they meet in a Super Bowl

What teams did green bay play in super bowl championships?

Chiefs, Raiders, Patriots, Broncos, and Steelers

When was first Super Bowl?

The First super bowl was in January 15,1967 Which Was The Packers And Chiefs.1967

What super bowl did Minnesota Vikings lose to the Kansas City Chiefs?

Super Bowl 4.

Where does the Super Bowl come from?

The Super Bowl was named by former Kansas City Chiefs owner, Lamar Hunt. He came up with the name when seeing his children play with a toy called the Super Ball.