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3-1 superbowl's won: XXI 39-20 over denver XXV 20-19 over buffalo XLII 14-17 over patriots superbowl's lost: 34-7 lost to ravens in superbowl XXXV

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Q: What was the records of the Giants super bowl years?
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Who won last years super bowl and what?

The Giants.

The NY Giants are this years National League Champions. In what year was the last time they held this honor?

The last time, prior to winning Super Bowl XLII, that the Giants won the Super Bowl was Super Bowl XXV (1990 season).

Have the New York Giants lost a Super Bowl?

The Giants lost Super Bowl XXXV to the Ravens.

What years did the NY Giants play in Super Bowl?

The Giants played the Ravens in Super Bowl XXXV on January 28, 2001.

Did the giants win the Super Bowl?

They won super bowl XLVI.

What was the first Super Bowl the giants won?

Super Bowl XXI.

When was the last time two teams with identical regular season records competed in the Super Bowl?

2000-2001 Season. Ravens and Giants were both 12-4 and meet in the Super Bowl.

Who did the Giants played in their third Super Bowl?

The New York Giants' third Super Bowl was Super Bowl XXXV. They lost to the Baltimore Ravens 34-7.

How many time did the patriots play the giants in the Super Bowl?

The Patriots have faced the Giants in 2007-08 (Super Bowl 42) and in 2011-12 (Super Bowl 46)

Giants Super Bowl?

The Giant won the Super Bowl four times

Who won the super bowl giants or patriots?

In super bowl 42, the giants beat the undefeated patriots 17-14. But that will change this year in XLVI.

When was the last super-bowl both Colts and Giants played?

The Colts and Giants never met in a Super Bowl. They did meet in "The Greatest Game Ever Played," the NFL Championship game of 1958, almost ten years before the first Super Bowl. The last Super Bowl the Giants played in was Super Bowl 42 in 2008. Eli Manning led the Giants to victory over the New England Patriots. The last Super Bowl the Colts played was the year before, when Peyton Manning (Eli's big brother) led the Colts to victory over the Chicago Bears.