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Ice Hockey

First a protective layer must be laid on the court; if the court is not smooth enough, this may also be dealt with. Next the cooling apparatus is put down, followed by the base and then the "ice". All up, this might be up to a week, given the complexity of the task and the need for it to be quite accurate.

Indoor Hockey

All that is needed are the "edges" of the rink to be inserted; this is commonly done using wooden runners all secured to each other and the surface for a continuous barrier. The goals are set and the hoops cleared from play, and all is done. This can take 20 minutes, and even that is a long time to do it.

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A backetball court for hockey would be harder because you would have to melt the ice then some how get rid of the water.

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Q: Is it harder to transform an ice rink for basketball or basketball court for hockey?
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