Where you play basket ball?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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On a Basketball court. Normally in schools, there is a basketball court.

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Q: Where you play basket ball?
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What are obames qualities?

he likes to play basket ball

Does Selena Gomez play softball?

No she doesn't but she does play Soccer and Basket ball

What sports does Jake clancy play?

Hockey, Basket ball, Soccer and Foot Ball

Does Micheal Jordon play b-ball?

um... i think he plays BASKET ball

What to play if your friends can't play with you?

* me i play basket-ball * i ride my skate-board,ripstick

How do you play basket ball?

you don't and you can't any more because i poped all the balls you can play it by tribling the ball.

Do Germans play basketball?

No Germany does not play basket ball well its not a tradition in THE real world to them

How do become a Basket ball player?

eat fried chicken and play the game

'What does Kobe Bryant like to do'?

Kobe Bryant likes to play basket ball

What equipment do you need to play basket?

basket ball is fun and easy to play as weekend sport or for a fun activity. You will need a correct size ball, clothes you don't get hot in , sneakers and a hoop preferably and more than 4 players.

Can you score a basket in basketball when you are throwing it in out of bounds?

No you can't, the ball has to first come into play.

What are Stephanie Meyers hobbies?

She likes to play soccer,basket ball,vally ball and likes to go shoping with her friends.