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Dribbling In Hockey you are pushing the ball along and in Basketball you are bouncing the ball along the court in front of you.

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Q: What is the term that represents a play in floor hockey and basketball?
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The floor hockey game floor size is the same as a basketball court. The two teams play on a floor measuring 94 ft. by 50 ft.

What is the difference between floor hockey and ice hockey?

Floor Hockey you play on grass,ice hockey you play on ice

How do you play non-ice hockey?

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Why was Floor Hockey a Success?

because you can still play hockey when its not cold and there is no ice.

What equipment is needed to play floor hockey?

To play floor hockey, one would need a lightweight plastic ball, or a heavier ball. Sometimes a normal hockey stick, field hockey or bandy sticks are required.

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Kowloon Bay Mega Box 10th floor

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