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2 teams

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Q: In YPL how many team sceleted in cricket match?
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What will happen if Indian cricket team will match with aliens?

Think of a cricket

What is he objective of each cricket team involved in a cricket match?

The object of a cricket team is to score more runs than the opposition.

How many people start on the field at the start of a cricket match?

In cricket, there are 11 players from each team on the field at the start of a match. This includes fielders, a bowler, and a wicketkeeper.

What is all the cricket team names?

umpires in a match

How important is a teamwork in a cricket match?

Cricket is a teamwork. Team work course for win.

How many match played Pakistan cricket team?

354 test matches,winning 106 and losing 99.

Who was the first captain of Indian cricket team in test match?

C K Naidu was first test captain of indian cricket team.

Did any cricket team lose the test match after giving the follow on to opponent team?


What is the highest recorded team batting score in a cricket test match?


Which year India cricket team played first test match?


Who was the first captain of Bangladesh cricket team in first match?

Naimur Rahman

Which team played first one day cricket match?

Australia and England