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Australia and England

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1st test match

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Q: Which team played first one day cricket match?
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Which year India cricket team played first test match?


When was the first test match played by the Indian cricket Team?

25th June 1932.

Who was the first captain of the Indian cricket team?

The captain for the first Test match played by the Indian cricket team was C. K. Nayudu, who held the role between the 1932 season and the 1933-34 season.

Who was the first captain of Indian cricket team in test match?

C K Naidu was first test captain of indian cricket team.

Who was the first captain of Bangladesh cricket team in first match?

Naimur Rahman

Which two team played the first ever cricket world cup match?

India vs England.Match was held in June 7,1975.

Who was the third cricket team to enter test cricket?

South Africa, twelve years (almost to the day) after England and Australia played the first officially-recognized Test match.

How many players are in Cricket game?

A cricket match is played between 2 teams, each team consisting of 11 players.

What is the highest score in the first day in a test match cricket by a team?

Australia 494

Who is woman cricket team India?

Mithali Raj is the current captain of the Indian Women's Cricket team. The Indian women's cricket team played their first Test match in 1976/1977, when they drew with the West Indies in a six-match series. The Indian women's cricket team won their first Asia Cup in 2004. Subsequently, they won 3 more Asia Cups. They also reached the finals of 2005 World Cup, losing to eventual champions, Australia.

When Bangladesh cricket team first played ICC world cup?

Bangladesh cricket team first played ICC world cup in 1999 world cup

Which team scored highest runs on first day in test cricket matches?

Australia made 494/6 in their first day in the match played between Australia and South Africa on 9 December 1910 Played at Sydney Cricket Ground. Visit for more details about this match.

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