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Depends... Can you throw a football? Can you kick? Its not always the strongest, fastest, or biggest guy is the best player but it sure does help. Im just guessing ... kicker, punter, or maybe a quarterback (chicks dig the QB) Good luck kid

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If you can bench almost more than you can squat then that's not good. I play right tackle, i bench 195 but i squat 395. It also depends on how much lower than 5 seconds your 40 yd dash is. or probably full back.

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Aright don't listen to that guy. I have probaly the best strength coach in Colorado. Well benching 120 is not the best last summer I bench 153. So work at that. Squat needs a little work and your cleans too. But pretty great deadlift.

I'm also 145 and 5'7. I play linebacker and runningback. But they swiched me to guard cause our line suck so ya.

My Summer Stats were

Bench: 153

Squat: 210

Clean: 141

just dead lifted yesterday

was 300

THE season NEVER ends. So lift every day or chance you have in the offseason!!!!!!!

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defense of end

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Q: Ima 14 year old freshman i weigh 140 stand at 5'7. i bench 120 squat 200 dead lift 255 power clean 115 what position should i play in football?
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What football position should you at 5'9 and 190 pounds and 16 years old?

Bench Warmer

What position in football is a BE?

If you are referring to fantasy football, BE stands for bench. Otherwise I have no idea what BE stands for.

What football position should you play if I'm 6'4 380 675 bench and a 900 squat?

Offensive or Defensive line.

If you are 58 120lbs can bench 120 run and run 5.5 forty what position should you play in football for JV?

defensive back

What football position should i play if im 5'11 and weigh 150 and can bench 150 and am 14 years old?

linebacker or de

How muchweight should a freshman lift?

i freshmen should bench around 100 to 135. the most is roughly around 135 to 280.

What position could you play in football if you squat 200 bench 135 run the 40 in 5 seconds and the 400 in 73 seconds?

the bench

What football position should I play at 5'3 158 pounds I can bench 200 as a max not sure what my 40. dash is. I rep 135 for bench?

I think you should play halfback! You are low to the ground and pretty strong so you should be able to run a few people over.

What football position should you play at 170 pounds 5'11 135 bench 210 squat 135 clean?

Without an indication of age and level of play, speed and quickness, mental agility and physical endurance no answer provided is legitimate. As a highschool freshman those raw data figures would certainly sound good almost anywhere. Above that level you get a tryout.

How far should a freshmen throw shotput?

25-30, I'm a freshman and I'm around 30 every throw, and I bench 205

What football position should a I play in football I weigh 147 im 14 years old not scared to hit bench 135x1 and im 5 foot 4 i alright speed freshman football tell me what you think please be honest.?

u want to be a fullback, trust me. ( a fullback maybe for a 1A or 2A school!!! Look try running back. 5'4 is too small for any other position. but if you have the skill set you say you do, you'll be a 3rd down back that could really flourish.-Anonymous) i dont care what you bench, that really doesnt mean much, what do you squat? you can bench 200 and be a terrible running back, but if you can squat or powerclean alot youll be fine. but 5 ft 4 in is really short to be playin football, your only real hope is if you go to a 1a or 2a school. Height means more than you think in football, you really want to be about 6ft

Is a high school freshman max bench press going up 100 lbs in 5 weeks normal?

No, it is not normal for a high school freshman max bench press to go up 100 pounds in 5 weeks.