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defensive back

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Q: If you are 58 120lbs can bench 120 run and run 5.5 forty what position should you play in football for JV?
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What high school football position should you play at 5' 7 and 120 pounds?

the bench

What football position should you at 5'9 and 190 pounds and 16 years old?

Bench Warmer

What position in football is a BE?

If you are referring to fantasy football, BE stands for bench. Otherwise I have no idea what BE stands for.

What football position should you play if I'm 6'4 380 675 bench and a 900 squat?

Offensive or Defensive line.

How much should a 12 yr old boy be able to bench?

at least 20 Well im 12 and i can bench 120lbs. about 10 times and i weigh 135 lbs.

What football position should i play if im 5'11 and weigh 150 and can bench 150 and am 14 years old?

linebacker or de

What position should i play in football if im 5'8 and 135lb and bench 185lb and squat 245lb and cling 170lb?

I am a freshman football coach and my outside linebacker has similar stats as you so outside linbacker is a great position

What football Position should you play 5'7 lift 117 bench press 190 squat can catch great and run a 5.3?


What position could you play in football if you squat 200 bench 135 run the 40 in 5 seconds and the 400 in 73 seconds?

the bench

What football position should I play at 5'3 158 pounds I can bench 200 as a max not sure what my 40. dash is. I rep 135 for bench?

I think you should play halfback! You are low to the ground and pretty strong so you should be able to run a few people over.

Can I play football--I'm 5'5 130 lb and can bench 145-- If so what position?

don't play at all then got it?

What is a dug out for football?

A bench

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