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As a former pitcher of 11 years, my favorite pitch was a drop ball. It's entirely different from Baseball not only in the fact that softball pitches underhand, but also the way you hold the ball and where your release is. I can't effictively describe how to hold the ball or where to release it without a visual for an example, but I can tell you if the pitch is corectly done, it will be slightly off-speed (slower in order to throw the batter off) and the pitch will drop right when it gets in front of the batter, causing them to swing and miss. There are several different pitching styles, so this drop ball may not match up with the way others throw it. I'm giving you an explanation for what worked for me.

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Q: If a pitcher pitches a drop ball in soft ball what does this mean?
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What does it mean when a pitcher throws to Broadway?

Pitches the ball down the middle of the plate.

What does step up to the plate mean?

It is a baseball term. The new batsman steps up to the plate over which the pitcher pitches the ball to him.

What does a baseball player do?

A pitcher is the person who stands in the center of the infield and "pitches" or throws the ball over the home plate. He tries to get the ball past the person who is at bat. He is responsible for keeping them from scoring, but he has the help of the other players.

What does it mean to get beaned?

If you're referring to getting hit by a pitch, it's beaned.

What is a strike to ball ratio?

Assuming you mean in baseball: The number of pitches in the strike zone versus the number of pitches outside the strike zone.

Why did the play Advance after a pitcher drops the ball?

If you mean a player on base? When a pitcher drops the ball it is a balk and base runners advance one base.

When a baseball pitcher gives up hits what does that mean?

It means that when the pitcher threw the ball the batter hit the ball into the field of play and was credited with a base hit.

What does filthy stuff mean in baseball terms?

For a pitcher to throw unhitable pitches. For Example Clayton Kershaw has a filthy slider.

What does it mean when the pitcher fanned the batter?

He swung (fanned the air) at the ball for a strike

What does tipping pitches mean in a baseball game?

To tip a pitch means you are doing something different to tip off the fact the pitcher is about to throw a particular pitch. A subtle change in delivery such as arm angle or speed of delivery. It could be in the way the pitcher grips or re-grips the ball in his glove. A pitcher wants to prepare for each pitch exactly the same way so he/she does not give away what pitch is coming.

What does pitching out of the wind up mean?

It's when the 2nd baseman comes up behind the pitcher and winds up the key on his back before he pitches.

What does serving up fastballs mean?

This is a phrase that means that all a pitcher is throwing is fastballs. This is not a good strategy because batters will be able to adjust and hit the ball easily because fastballs have no movement. Also this would tire out a pitchers arm a lot fast than if they threw different pitches.