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The exact number of games for each particular sport in the course of the year could vary based on different reasons like travel time visiting other teams, play-off format, and most important stress on the body, and the weather the sport is played in. For example Baseball is a warm weather sport, and is played during the warmer months. Hockey originally an outdoor cold weather sport is played during the winter months. What "season" the sport is played in.

The amount of stress caused on the body of the athletes for each particular sport is also a major factor in scheduling, and effects the amount of games that can be played in a season. Baseball for example can be played on a more regular basis because it is less taxing on the body. Baseball teams typically have one or two days off a week for rest and travel time to other parks. Football is more punishing to the body and requires a weeks rest between games to recover.

Basketball is an indoor sport, and the "season" played is not as important as stress on the body, and competition with other sports for a fan base.

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by the score the winner is the one who has the most points ex: Vikings 24 Packers 12 Vikings would win since they have more points

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Q: How was the number of games in a regular season for professional sports determined?
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