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No, possession is determined the same way.

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Q: Is football possession at halftime different in the regular season than in the super bowl?
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Is rules for possession after halftime different in regular NFL game different than for Super bowl?

No, the rules of possession are the same for the Super Bowl as they are for the regular season.However, playoff games (including the Super Bowl) cannot end in a tie. Regular season games can after one fifteen-minute sudden-death overtime period.

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In a regular season of American football there are a large amount of different games that are played. On average, there are 256 different season games, and 11 playoff games.

Are there different gases in NFL footballs?

Yes, there is regular air and just a bit of helium in the football.

Is flag football and regular football the same?

Close but no

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How many regular season football games where played in 1984?

How regular season football games were played in 1984.

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How many judges in a football game?

there are seven judges in a regular football.

How long does a high school football game last?

A regular high school football game, provided there is no overtime involved, is 12 minutes per quarter for 4 quarters. However, the final time depends greatly on how many times they stop the clock. Usually, they last a little over 2 hours, including halftime.

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