How much does a football weight?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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It depends on the level of play, college and high school balls are different weight

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a football weighs about 1 pound

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Q: How much does a football weight?
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How much weight do you lose if you play football?


How much does a Nerf football weigh?

The Nerf football will vary on weight, depending on the size you have chosen. The weight of a Nerf football varies between 12 ounces and 7 pounds.

How much a NFL football weight?

14-15 oz

How much force dose a football player use on a football?

3. The gravity, the weight and the upthrust in jumping. There hope that helped!

At what age is weight training incoporated into football?

they like to start kids in junior high on weight training for football.

What is the weight of an AFL football?

The maximum weight of a football is approximately 16 ounces.

What are a football players wages?

football players are payed in bags of salt. the weight of which is a ratio of how well they perform to their body weight

How do they pass the football underwater in underwater football?

It has a ten tonne weight in it

How does the weight of a football affect the acceleration?

l think the weight of a football can't affecct the acceleration, because when there was no any resisitances, m=g.

What is the weight and length of a football?

it weight 175 grams and is 25 cm in diameter

What is the average weight of an NFL football?

An NFL football weighs 14-15 ounces

What is the weight of a college football and a NFL football?

College- .6 lbsNFL- .8 lbs