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Q: How much do Adidas pay Steven Gerrard?
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How much did Gerrard sign for in 1997?

Steven Gerrard is a product of Liverpool's youth system so they didn't pay any transfer fee for him as he has always been a Liverpool player.

How much does Adidas pay?

they get paid 2,500 a month

How much does Adidas pay to sponsor Liverpool FC?


How much does Adidas pay monthly?

they get paid 2,500 a month

How much does Adidas pay Lionel messi?

8.400.000 euro per year

How much does Steven Harper pay for the Canadian education every year?

Question is unclear.

How much did Liverpool pay for Torres?

26 million euros 26.5 pounds Torres and Gerrard are worth all the money in the world... so...

How much is steven tylers autograph worth?

however much anyone's willing to pay for it. put it on ebay. see how much people bid. but why would you sell that!?!

What makes Steven Gerrard a good leader?

Steven Gerrard has been captain of Liverpool Football Club for eight years. During that time he has lead liverpool to two FA cup wins, two league cup wins, a UEFA cup win and a UEFA Champions League win. He has also captained his country in the 2010 world cup. Steven Gerrard's success in football is outstanding and he has dedicated almost his whole life to liverpool. Gerrard has come back from injery many times and still managed to get back to his scoring form. When he is on the pitch he's working and never stops. He is courageous and no matter what postion he is in, without him, Liverpool woudn't be the best club in the world.

Where can I find the cheapest adidas tennis gear online?

You can always find adidas tennis gear on If you do not want go pay full price for the tennis gear you should go to sites such as or

What has the author Steven Langer written?

Steven Langer has written: 'Available Pay Survey Reports for Other Countries' 'Compensation of Attorneys' 'Available Pay Survey Reports' 'Accounting-Financial Report' 'Budgets & Staffing in Personnel/Industrial Relations Functions'

How much should one expect to pay when buying Adidas indoor soccer shoes online?

Buying Adidas indoor soccer shoes online can result in a wide variety of prices depending on the style of shoe one is searching for. It is recommended that doing a comparison on the internet which will give the best price.