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Steven Gerrard is a product of Liverpool's youth system so they didn't pay any transfer fee for him as he has always been a Liverpool player.

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Q: How much did Gerrard sign for in 1997?
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How much did Liverpool pay to sign Steven Gerrard?

Nothing - he started his career there

What year did Steven Gerrard sign with Liverpool?

He is a product of the Liverpool youth system, he joined in 1987 and later signed his first professional contract in 1997.

When did steven gerrard first play for england?


Is nasri better than Gerrard?

nasri has much better goals when Gerrard is crap

What is Steven Gerrard's star sign?

His birthday is May 30, which makes him a Gemini.

Steven Gerrard Age in 1997 Please?

He was 16 years old in that year.

How much does GERRARD get paid a week?


How much does steven Gerrard get paid a week?

steven Gerrard gets paid £140,000 per week

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How much does Stephen Gerrard way?

His Weight Is: 12st 5 Source:

How much does NFL player Gerrard Sheppard weigh?

NFL player Gerrard Sheppard weighs 215 pounds.

What is Steven gerrard's surname?

Steven Gerrard surname is Gerrard.

How much money does steven Gerrard have?

It shouldn't really matter how much money he has.

How much does Steven Gerrard get paid?

140,000 Pounds a Week.

How much does steven Gerrard earn?

1 pound a week

Who is better Gerrard or Alonso?


Is Gerrard smoking?

Gerrard is not smoking

Who is better Gerrard or Suarez?

gerrard is a liverpool legand suarez is not so it is gerrard

Who was Steven Gerrard's parents?

His dad is Paul Gerrard and his mum is Julie Gerrard.

What is the Chinese zodiac sign for 1997?

Ox is your animal sign.

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In the Sign of the Ravens was created in 1997.

How much money does steven Gerrard get paid per week?


How much is Gerrard paid weekly?

140,000 pounds per week

Do you like Gerrard or ronaldo best?


What is the Chinese sign for 1997?