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Q: How many people have won all Ireland football titles as both player and manager?
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How do you say football player and manager?

football player and manager (specify if u wanted it in a different language)

Who is Liam Brady?

Liam Brady (born 13 February 1956) is an Irish former association football player, and former assistant manager of the Republic of Ireland national football team.

Who is the best football player in Ireland?

Robbie Keane

Who is the youngest ever player manager in football?

Raul Paueve'

Best player in football manager 2009?

In a word 'Aguero'

What is Kenny dalglish famous for?

Being a football player/manager.

When was German Football Manager of the Year created?

German Volleyball Player of the Year was created in 1979.

What Football player represented Ireland with surname ending in i?

Terry Mancini

Where in Ireland is John O'Shea the football player from?

Waterford that is where i am from!! Up the Deise

How do you get to your financial manager on football manager 2010?

You have to be top player for your 2 first yrs on the game or stay as the top player till your noticed.

Is luka modric a football team's manager?

No, he is a football player he plays for an English club Tottenham Hotspur

Who is Johnny Carey?

Johnny Carey is a former football player. He was also a well known football manager.