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Paul Galvin

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Q: What Former League of Ireland player was recently sent off in the All Ireland Football Championship?
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Who is Liam Brady?

Liam Brady (born 13 February 1956) is an Irish former association football player, and former assistant manager of the Republic of Ireland national football team.

What is the Football Championship Series?

The Football Championship Subdivision is the former division 1-AA schools. They are so named because they advance through a playoff format and a championship game to determine their champion, unlike the Football Bowl Subdivision, the old division 1-A, which relies on Bowls, Polls, and the BS-BCS to "crown" a champion.

Whose recent autobiography was called A Football Man?

John Giles, former Leeds and Republic of Ireland midfielder.

Who is the football coach of the University of Tennessee for 2010?

Derek Dooley, the son of the former Georgia championship winning coach, Vince Dooley

What does fbs stand for as in an FBS college team?

FBS stands for Football Bowl Subdivision, formerly called Division I-A. This is in contrast to the FCS, or Football Championship Subdivision, formerly known as Division I-AA. The "Bowl" vs "Championship" refers to how the 2 divisions play their post-season, with the former Division I-A teams playing in bowl games and the former Division I-AA teams playing in a playoff series culminating with a true national championship game.

Who is a former president of Ireland?

Mary McAleese and Mary Robinson are the only former presidents of Ireland who are still alive.

Who are some former World Cup winners?

The World Cup is an international soccer or "football" championship. Some former winners of the World cup are Brazil who has the most titles of 5 and the most recent winner is Spain.

What is Church of Ireland?

church of Ireland is a protestant church which is the former established church of Ireland when Ireland was under british rule..

What is the former currency of Ireland?

The Irish Punt

Where did Denis Irwin come from?

Denis Irwin, former Irish football player: Cork, Ireland. Dennis(!) Irwin, American jazz double bassist: Birmingham, Alabama

Which former US President was a former Wolverine football player?

Gerald ford

Is Mary Mcallesse and Bertie Ahern from Ireland's past?

Mary McAleese is a former President of Ireland and Bertie Ahern is a former Taoiseach, which is the title for the head of the Irish government.

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