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Raul Paueve'

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Q: Who is the youngest ever player manager in football?
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Who is the youngest ever football player in the world cup?

Peter Crouch aged 7.3

Who is the youngest current manager in baseball?

In 2014, the youngest manager in Major League Baseball was Mike Matheny. He is not the youngest however. He is the 14th youngest ever.

Has the England football team ever had a player-manager?

I doubt if they had one who was both.

Who is the youngest football player to play in the NFL?

Tommy Maddox (aged 20) was the youngest that I ever heard of, certainly in modern times.

Who is the youngest professional football player in the world?

wrong the youngest player ever was Mauricio Baldivieso who made his debut in a top level bolivian club at just 12

Who is the youngest ever football league manager?

Paul Ward Darlington F.C. March 23rd 1987 aged 23yrs 189 days

Who is the youngest ever premier league manager?

chris coleman fulham

What is the youngest age for a professional football player?

The youngest ever player in the English Football League is Reuben Noble-Lazarus who was 15 years and 45 days old when he came on as a substitute for Barnsley against Ipswich Town, September 30th 2008.

Who is the oldest british football manager ever?


Who is the youngest NFL player ever?

Amobi Okoye was the youngest player in the NFL at the time that he was drafted.

Who is the greatest ever football manager?

Rinus Michels

Was dDavid Beckham the youngest player ever to score a goal ina football world cup final?

No David Beckham is not the youngest player to score a goal in the world cup. the record is held by the great Brazilian Pele.

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