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Cheerleading can help your health by making you fit. Most people do not realize it but, cheerleading is a lot harder than it looks. There is a lot of physical ability that is needed to be able to cheer.

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Q: How does cheerleading help your health?
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How does cheerleading help your social health?

Cheerleading can help you make friends, learn team work, and build self confidence

Does cheerleading increce health?

Yes it does.

Why was cheerleading created?

Well in the late 1800's cheerleading was a all guys sport. Then closer to the end of the 1800's girls were also put in due to not being involved at school and haveing a part. Then officially a college group got together as a group which is considered the first squad

Will it be a boy on the cheerleading squad?

There are only boys on cheerleading teams to spot for you.(help you in the air)

Does it help to be fit or flexible in cheerleading?

most definitely. you are not stopping moving in cheerleading, and being fit and flexible can help avoid injuries.

What are some advanced cheerleading stretches?

Cheerleading Stretches help almost every part of your body, there are multiple stretches you can do with your legs, arms abs and back. With cheerleading stretches you will become slimer and stronger.

How will being flexible help you in cheerleading?

If you are flexible in cheerleading this will help you succeed at many things such as doing the splits or doing difffrent gymnastic things. so it really does help speaking from experience to be flexible! HOPE THIS HELPS!!!!! love always Miss.cheerleader

Try out for Cheerleading can I have some Ides to help me?

well to make it to the team all you gotta do is get out there, shake it but most importantly impress the cheerleading teacher or else she will shout "GET OUT!!!!"

Is cheerleading a guy sport?

yes. some guys do cheerleading in college or high school. the advantage of that is many of them are amazing gymansts, and they can also help greatly with the stunting.

What can you contribute to a cheerleading program?

If you enjoy cheering and if you are flexible, you could join the cheerleading program. If not, you can help by helping with their fundraisers or going to their games and competitions. If you are already a cheerleader, you can help by doing your very best to become a great cheerleader.

Is cheerleading one word or two?

Cheerleading, one word.

How can i control my emotions Especially about cheerleading?

A good way to control your emotions, especially about cheerleading, would be to inhale deeply and exhale slowly. Do this a few times, it should help you to relax a bit.