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Q: He bounds to his feet and snuffs and sniffs?
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In basketball do you need just one foot in to receive a ball from out of bounds or do two feet establish the position?

AnswerFrom What You Have Asked You Have Established Your Position And You Are Out Of Bounds. Both Feet Do Not Need To Be On The Floor When You Recieve The Ball. But Your Feet Cannot Be Out Of Bounds.The above was not very clear. You're saying if I'm standing out of bounds and someone passes it to me, all I have to do is leave the floor then I'm no longer out of bounds. Your feet have to be established in bounds before you can touch the ball

A basketball is going out of bounds do you need both feet touching the floor to be able to save it from going out of bounds?


One knee equals two feet but what if one knee is in bounds and one knee comes down out of bounds?

It is incomplete.

What is the plural of sniff?

The plural of "sniff" is "sniffs."

How many feet do you need on the ground for it to be ruled a complete pass if forced out of bounds in the NFL?

If a receiver is knocked out of bounds by a defensive player and the official believes the receiver would have come down in bounds with both feet had he not been contacted by the defender, then it's ruled a completed pass. ---- This rule has been changed for the 2008 season. There is no longer a 'force out' rule in the NFL.

Is a player out of bounds if the ball and his upper body are out of bounds before his knee hits the ground in bounds?

Rules vary from state to state but in this case it is perfectly legal. So along as the players feet are in bounds. In highschool football its normally if one foot is in bounds and the other is not out of bounds and the player has control of the ball then its a catch

In basketball when a player has gone out of bounds and comes back with one foot on he court and one in the air is he out of bounds if he receives the ball again?

Both feet have to be established in bounds before the player can touch the ball again without being called out of bounds

What does rabbit have in the body?

Fur, side ways eyelids, tail, 4 feet, triangular nose that continually sniffs, whiskers, and feet that are different sizes.

What constitutes both feet in bounds?

Any part of both of the players feet (toe, heel, outstep, cleat, sole) must touch the turf while the player has possesion of the ball for the player to have both feet in bounds. The feet do not have to touch the turf at the same time however.

How far from the out of bounds line is the free throw line?

18 Feet maybe 15 feet from the backboard in the NBA, high school and maybe middle school, but 12 for elementary and lower

What is the deduction for stepping out of bounds on the floor exercise?

If one foot goes out of bounds it is a one tenth deduction and if both feet go out it is a three tenth deduction.

When playing basketball if the ball is passed and goes out of bounds but is caught live ball by opposite team who is it out on?

in order for a ball in basketball to be considered to be out of bounds the ball MUST touch/hit the ground out bounds ... if the ball does not touch/hit out of bounds the ball is still live a play can go out of bounds to throw/pass the ball back in bounds so long as the player that is going for the ball bounds feet are in the air when he makes contact with the ball ...