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Both feet have to be established in bounds before the player can touch the ball again without being called out of bounds

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Q: In basketball when a player has gone out of bounds and comes back with one foot on he court and one in the air is he out of bounds if he receives the ball again?
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Is a basketball player?

Is a basketball player.... what? What do you want to say? Just don't do this again okay? Thanks -annoymous

What is achieved when the ball is served past the opposing team and remains in bounds?

If a ball is served over the opposing teams heads and is in bounds, they can back up and try to pass it, but if they fail to do so, the serving side receives a point for an ace, and they get to serve again.

Who were first basketball player?

Learn basic grammar and ask again

Can a player dribble down court lose the ball go out of bounds come back on the court and be the first person to touch the ball?

yes as long as all of your body is in bounds before you touch the ball again

What is the ruling for a kick that goes out of bounds during a kick off in the NFL?

Kick off out of bounds, 20 yard penalty, ball goes to the 40

You are a basketball player how long do you have to wait before playing againappendix was removed last Thursday night?

i am a basketball player how long do i have to wait before playing again,had appendix removed last Thursday night

Do they stop the game in basketball if the ball is thrown ouside of the boundary?

Yes. The clock stops and teams are allowed to substitute players if they want. The referee will hold the ball until play is ready to start and then hand the ball to one of the players who is standing out of bounds so the player can throw the ball inbounds and start play again.

Does the college football clock stop on out of bounds plays?

Yes, the officials move the chains and place the ball at the proper yard line for the next play and then the referee blows the whistle to start the clock again.

In high school basketball does the 10 second count start over after a time out?

Yes. Unlike other levels of play, the 10 second count starts again after a time out, ball going out of bounds or any other reason which stops the clock.

How many hours does a Basketball player practice?

About all day and wakes up early and plays all day again and does it in that order until the game

Rules and regulation in basketball and volleyball?

Here are the main rules and regulations for The game of Volley ball: Number one: Once the ball is served, [ If it goes over the net, and doesn't go out of bounds,the returning team gets three hits, either bump, set or spike.No one player can hit the ball twice IN A ROW. However, it can be hit by one player, hit by another player, than the first player again. Number two: About serving If the serve does not go over, it is out. Even if it does go over, if it goes out of bounds it is still out. If you do not serve a proper serve it is out. Number three: About hitting. If you do not bump, set or spike it is an improper hit and is out. If someone on your team hits it into the net, if it is not a serve, you can help it over the net. If someone hits the ball out of bounds on a hit, not a serve, it is still playable, so do go get it. I really hope this helps. I really love volleyball, and i have been playing it since, like forever. it is a really fun sport.

Can a player recover a basketball if the player loses control while trying to pick up a dribble?

a double dribble is when you start dribbling than you stop to try to pass the ball to another player and you can not see anyone to pass it to than you just start dribbling again it is a double dribble or a foul and its a throw in for the other team