Hardest hitting in the NHL

Updated: 9/27/2023
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85 shots by Bemidji State on Feb 23, 1978 vs St. Francis (Me)

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Zdeno Chara

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Q: Hardest hitting in the NHL
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What is the hardest hitting sport?


The hardest hitter in the NHL?

Scott Stevens

Which NHL player trains the hardest?

alex kovalev

Hardest hitting football players of all time?

Hardy Brown

TOp ten hardest hitting heavyweight boxers?

sunny kooner

Hardest hitting player in NFL?

problaby troy polamolu or bob sanders

More pyhsically demanding sport NHL or NFL?

I would have to say nhl cause you are always moving and hitting other people at high speed

Did ted Williams said that hitting was the hardest job?

Ted Williams was quoted several times as saying hitting a baseball was the single most difficult thing to do in sports.

What football player has the hardest shot?

The hardest official shot in the NHL was registered by Zdeno Chara at the recent all-star skills competition when he had a shot of 105.4 MPH.

Hardest Hitting Sub woofer?

Kicker of course. Kicker makes car audio products, not home theater subs. The term 'hardest hitting' isn't a measurable quantity. For the sub with the most power, try the Tannoy TS212iDP, a subwoofer with 1500 Watts and 2 12" drivers.

Hardest hitting NFL player?

Definitely line-backer wise it's either Ray Lewis or Patrick Willis.

Was Billy Coutu the first player banned for life from the NHL for hitting a coach?

Yes and no. Billy Coutu was the first player to receive a lifetime suspension from the NHL. That suspension was for slugging a referee, not a coach.