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sunny kooner

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2013-05-22 15:54:37
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Q: TOp ten hardest hitting heavyweight boxers?
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Who are the top three switch hitting home run leaders?

1. Mickey Mantle 2. Eddie Murray 3. Chipper Jones

Fastest soccer shot?

The hardest (fastest) recorded soccer shot in the English Premier League according to The Guardian Unlimited is 114 mph by David Hirst. While there is no official record The Guardian's staff used measurements from the Sky Sports Replay 2000 tracking machine to provide their Top Ten Hardest Shots.

Who are the top 10 home run hitting catcher in MLB history?

Can't get you the top 10 but can get the top 4. The home run totals are only those that were hit while the player was playing the catcher position. These stats are through the 2008 season: 1) Mike Piazza - 396 2) Carlton Fisk - 351 3) Johnny Bench - 327 4) Yogi Berra - 306

Who has the most career assists in baseball?

Ozzie Smith (8,375 assists at shortstop) holds the record for all-time leader in career assists in baseball. Ozzie led the NL in assists in 8 of his 19 seasons in the bigs Here's a good site for all career leaders in Pitching, Fielding and Batting, as well as top 100 lists for Pitching and Batting stats Top 100 all-time for hitting stats: Top 100 all-time for pitching stats: Record Holders in hitting, pitching and fielding:

Who was the first player to hit his 3000 hit as a pinch hitter?

Stan Musial. Musial got his 3000th hit, a double, on May 13, 1958 pinch hitting for pitcher Sam Jones in the top of the 6th inning off Moe Drabowsky of the Chicago Cubs.

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