Field hockey rules

Updated: 9/28/2023
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1. You can only use the flat side of the stick

2. Don't let the ball hit your feet

3. To score you must be inside the half cicle

4. In indoor the ball cannot leave the floor

5. In indoor you cannot have a backswing

6. If you back is toward another girls face that is called obstruction

7. Dont let your stick go above your waist, try not to let the ball above your waist either

That's all I can think of right now... AND Field Hockey DOES RULE!

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Basic Field Hockey Rules

The Game:

· Two halves 20 - 25 minutes each with a 5 minute half time.

· 11 players per side, including the goalkeeper.

· The ball must be passed or dribbled down the field with the flat side of the stick.

· A goal is scored when an attacker strikes the ball into the goal from within the striking circle.


A player may not:

  • Shield or obstruct the ball from an opponent with the body or stick. All players must have an equal chance to gain control of the ball as it is dribbled or passed down the field.

  • Play the ball with the rounded side of the stick.

  • Charge, hit, shove or trip an opponent.

  • Play the ball in a potentially dangerous way.

  • Raise the stick above the waist in a dangerous manner while attempting to play or stop the ball.

  • Advance the ball by any means other than with the stick.

  • Stop or deflect the ball in the air or on the ground with any part of the body.

  • Hit, hook, hold or interfere with and opponents stick.

Penalty Corner:

  • In a penalty corner, the ball is placed on the goal line at least 10 yards from the nearest goal post. One attacking player hits the ball to a teammate just outside the striking circle line. No shot on goal may be taken until the ball is stopped or comes to rest on the ground outside the circle. All attackers must be outside the circle before the hit is taken. On defense, a maximum of five defenders may be behind the goal line while the remaining defenders must be positioned beyond the center line.

  • Typically, the attacking player taking the free hit passes the ball to her teammate positioned outside the striking circle. An offensive player will stop the ball with the stick while another player will strike the ball at the goal.

  • A penalty corner is awarderd for the following offenses:

    • Any breach of the rule by a defender within the circle that would have resulted in a free hit to the attacking team if the breach had occurred outside the circle.

    • An intentional hit over the goal line by a defender from any part of the field.

16 - Yard Hits:

  • When the attacking team plays the ball over the backline, the defense receives a 16-yard hit. The free hit is taken 16 yards from the spot where the ball crossed the backline.

The Push-In/Hit In

· A push-in or hit-in is awarded to the opposition if a player hits the ball over the sideline. All players and their sticks must be at least 5 yards away from the spot where the ball is put into play.

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if you are talking about field hockey, then I can help you.

The ball can't touch your feet.

If you have a free hit you can self pass the ball.

You can only score a goal if you release the ball from the inside of your oppositions D.

You can't tackle someone from behind.

If someone is taking a free hit from the opposite team you have to be 5 metres away from them.

If you are in your oppositions half and you have a free hit the ball has to go 5 metres before it can go in the D.

The ball cannot touch the back of your stick.

There are quite a few, but if you need any more just ask.

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Ice Hockey rules are usually USA Hockey for amateur games - the pros usually have a rulebook specific to the league they officiate.

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name 5 rules of feild hocky

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Q: Field hockey rules
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What kind of hockey rules was there when it was field hockey in Ireland?

It is a mixture of field hockey's rules and lacrosses rules.

Where can a person find rules for field hockey?

There are many places a person could find rules for field hockey. For instance, a person may check out a book from the local library which describes the rules and play of field hockey. Additionally, a person may check with the websites called Field Hockey ISport and NFHS Field Hockey. Both websites offer information on the rules of field hockey.

Can you shoulder barge in field hockey?

The simple answer to that question is No you can not Shoulder Barge in Field Hockey at all it is against the rules

What is the job of each umpire in field hockey?

To implement the Rules of Hockey whilst maintaining Player Safety

Is there a two on one rule in field hockey?

There is currently no offside rule in field hockey. There were prior offside rules, rules that restricted the positioning of players from the attacking team in a way similar to the offside rule in soccer. The offside rules were changed as the rules of field hockey changed. The evolution of the field hockey offside rule culminated with its abolition in the mid 1990s.

What is the difference between ice hockey and field hockey?

Ice hockey is played on ice, while field hockey is played on a grass surface, the rules in field hockey are kinder than ice hockey, and the sticks vary between versions.

Where can you obtain a lefthanded field hockey stick?

Manufacturers do not make left-handed field hockey sticks because there is zero demand for them: they are illegal according to the rules and regulations of the sport for traditional and safety reasons.

What are the field hockey rules for a goalie?

one is that they can't hurt or purposely get in the way of a player. GO UNI!

When was a roll-in last permitted in field hockey?

The roll-in was replaced by a free hit from the line in the 1970 revision of the rules.

What sport did hockey most likely descend from?

The game of ice hockey probably evolved from the game of field hockey that was played in Northern Europe for hundreds of years. The modern version of ice-hockey finds its origins in the rules laid down by a Canadian named J G Creighton. His rules were implemented in the first game of ice hockey played in Montreal, Canada in the year 1875.

Is hockey entertaining?

Hockey is very entertaining to people who know the rules. If you don't know the rules, then hockey is hard to understand.

Founder of hockey and not ice hockey?

"Hockey" is a broad term assigned to a plethora of different sports (Ice, Field, Roller, etc.) Games similar to what we today call hockey were found in Egyptian stone carvings dating from before 1272BC. As such it is impossible to say who was the founder of hockey. The founders of the modern game of field hockey are the inaugural members of the Teddington Hockey Club founded in 1871 who introduced certain standards and rules of play.