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To implement the Rules of Hockey whilst maintaining Player Safety

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Q: What is the job of each umpire in field hockey?
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What does an attacker do in field hockey?

The attackers' job is to score goals and help their teammates do so.

What is the job for a umpire in badminton?

Same as the umpire in any other sport - to uphold the rules of the game.

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United States Senator is a job. Used car salesman is a job. Umpire is a job.

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Whose job is it to keep standings in sports?

in cricket its the umpire

What is the role of the coaches in netball?

The job of the coach is to be the umpire. The umpire basically makes decisions like what team gets the ball and when a ball is out.

What are the responceibilities of an umpire in netball?

The responsibilities of the umpire is make sure the game is played properly ,according to the rules ,if a player steps it is the umpires job to penalise them.

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What is a forwards job in ice hockey?


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"What is the highest paying job in the art field?""What is the highest paying job in the art field?"

What was Sidney Crosbys second job?

he never had a second job it was always hockey

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pilot doctor driver umpire cop

What is the job description of an Oil and gas field operator?

job description of field operator

Why do ice hockey players go to the keeper at the end of each game?

The players go to their goalie to show support. They will congratulate him on a job well done.

What is the highest paying job in Canada?

NHL hockey player

How do you become a hockey cheerleader?

to get a job in hockey such as an ice girl or 'cheerleader', you have to contact the arena and apply for a certain position.

What are the roles and responsibities of the time keeper in netball?

the time keeper is to tell the time which is need in each halves, quaters and extra time. they have to tell the umpire all about this, its an important job. hope i helped, lee.

What do badminton umpires do?

The umpire keeps the badminton match going according to schedule. It is the umpire's job to manage the other officials such as line judges. The umpire usually reports to the referee although the referee is not always on the court and may be in charge of several matches at one time. The umpire is required to keep only authorized persons in the immediate surroundings of a match.

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What does the referee do in tennis?

The head referee is actually called the chair umpire. In major tournaments, there are also line judges around the court. Their job is to call a ball if it is out. The chair umpire may overrule the call of any line judge. Also, the chair umpire calls the score after every point.

In hockey who's job is it to prevent the puck from entering the goal?

The Goalie

What is your role in Hockey position center half?

A center halfbacks job is to go up and down the ice or field and bring the puck or ball away from the net and towards the other teams goal.

What does a wing do in field hockey?

A wing is one of the players on the outside of the four offensive players. The wing's job is to keep open for passes on the sidelines, and frequently "marks up" on opposing defensive players.

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