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if the batter can make contact then YES ... if the coach puts the hit and run on then YES ... if the runner is going to be gunned out then YES ... if the base runner is fast then NO ... if the coach tells you to lay off the pitch then NO ...

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Good points made above, however, something to think about when swinging when runner is stealing: PRO- holes open up as infielders are moving to cover the base(s) being stolen. CON- If you happen to "line-off" on the ball to an infielder, you will hit into an easy double or triple play ---- tigersy2k3

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He doesn't HAVE to, but you better believe he will! That's his teammate, and if he doesn't get out of the way the guy CAN'T steal home.

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Q: Does a right handed batter have to move when another player is stealing home plate?
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