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if another player has touched it besides the batter your are not out if it is straight from the bat you are out if another player is holding it you are out

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if you didn't get injured, yes.

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Q: What happens in baseball if you are hit with the ball?
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What is the highest ball hit in baseball?

1,238 feet or miles the ball hit a train and the ball never hit the ground

Player throws his glove at a baseball does not hit ball?

Nothing happens but it reflects poorly on the player throwing the glove. If he does hit the ball with his glove a dead ball is called and the runners advance two bases and the fielder is charged with an error.

What happens in baseball when the first baseman gets hit by the ball someone hit?

The ball is in play as normal, and if the hitter makes it to 1st before anyone covering first either tags him or touches the bag, he is safe.

What happens if in baseball the ball gets stuck in a runners jersey?

If it was a hit ball and the ball was stuck in the runners jersey then the runner is out assuming he had the first contact with the ball. If a fielder has the ball stuck in the jersey then the ball is dead and the hitter would be safe at first.

How far will tennis ball go when hit with baseball bat?

there is some kind of material in those kinds of sports balls, and with the more expensive balls, i guess it kind of has to fly further away.

What baseball bats are used for?

To hit the ball.

What is a baseball hit out the territory?

foul ball

What causes a wooden baseball bat to break?

There is no specific weight for a wooden bat. Professional batters have used bats ranging from 30 to well over 50 ounces. Babe Ruth used 40 to 54 ounce bats. Ty Cobb and Joe DiMaggio used 42 ounce bats. Mark McGwire used a 35 ounce bat. So with all that in mind, it all just depends on what kind of bat fits you better.

What is the point of baseball?

The point of baseball is to hit the ball and run the bases.

In baseball when you get hit by a ball what is it called?

Hit by pitch (HBP) or hit batsman(HB).