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Basketball can be played outside or in a gym.

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Q: Do you play basketball outside and indoors?
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What do the Houston baseball and basketball teams have in common?

They both play home games indoors.

How can you use the word play in sentence?

go play outside. play basketball in the morning

Do you onlY play basketball in the summer?

i play in every season inside and outside

Where is the most popular place for basketball?

they play in arena's or gyms and even outside basketball courts

Can you play basketball overseas if you are a female?

Yes, there are basketball leagues for women outside of the United States.

What game do the men play outside in of mice an men?


Is basketball an indoor game?

Wind. Wind greatly affects the ball.

Why do people enjoy playing basketball?

i like to play basketball because it has to do wiht outside and lots of exercise.

Is basketball a summer or winter sport?

Winter without a doubt No it is both, because you can play indoors and out.

Which sports are played outside volleyball soccer swimming football basketball tennis field hockey baseball and ice hockey?

All of those sports can be played inside or outside. Although, if they're played professionally, some sports leagues such as the NBA and NHL will play their games indoors. In 2008, the NHL began an annual hockey event called the Winter Classic. Two teams will play one game outside.

How might a basketball be affected if it is kept inside a gymnasium at 75 degrees Fahrenheit versus on an outside court where the temperature is 25 degrees Fahrenheit?

The material of the basketball will deteriorate more quickly outside. Also, the air pressure inside the ball will be higher indoors so the ball will be more bouncy.

Can you go fishing indoors?

No you have to be outside.