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They both play home games indoors.

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Q: What do the Houston baseball and basketball teams have in common?
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What are Houston's professional sports teams?

Houston Astros (Major League Baseball)Houston Texans (National Football League)Houston Rockets (National Basketball Association)Houston Dynamo (Major League Soccer)

What are the names of all the pro sports teams in Texas?

Professional * Dallas Burn (MLS) - Dallas soccer * Dallas Cowboys (NFL) - Dallas football * Dallas Mavericks (NBA) - Dallas basketball * Dallas Stars (NHL) - Dallas hockey * Houston Astros (MLB) - Houston baseball * Houston Comets (WNBA) - Houston girls basketball * Houston Rockets (NBA) - Houston basketball * Houston Texans (NFL) - Houston football * Houston ThunderBears (AFL) - Houston arena football * San Antonio Spurs (NBA) - San Antonio basketball * Texas Rangers (MLB) - Arlington baseball

What sport do the Houston Rice Owls play?

The Houston Rice Owls is the name of the athletic teams from Rice University. They play several sports, including baseball, basketball, football, volleyball and soccer.

Why does Los Angeles have two baseball teams and two basketball teams?

because they are trolls

NBA Texas basketball teams?

Dallas Mavericks San Antonio Spurs Houston Rockets

What do the states Maryland and California have in common?

Sukey basketball teams

What are the top three teams in America?

Football,Basketball and Baseball

What basketball teams begin with H?

The Houston Rockets, the Hawks (Atlanta Hawks), Heat (Miami Heat) and Hornets (New Orleans Hornets) are teams in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Women aren't given enough encouragement to participate in sport?

NO WAY! Don't think like that! They just have baseball teams for men, baseball teams for women. Basketball teams for men, basketball teams for women. Us women can handle sports!!!!

Which teams have won ncaa championships in football basketball and baseball?


What are the names of 10 professional sports teams in Texas?

FC Dallas(soccer) Dallas Mavericks(basketball) Texans(Football) Dallas Cowboys(football) Texas Rangers (baseball) Dallas Stars (ice Hockey) Houston Rockets(basketball) Houston Dynamo(soccer) San Antnio Spurs(basketball) Houston Astros(baseball) These are just major league and professional mens sports If you want womens sports and minor league go to the related link.

What are some pro-baseball teams in Texas?

Houston Astros Texas Rangers

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