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No, but it is easy to understand where such a misunderstanding might come from. Kickers in the NFL used to have free access to the balls they would kick with. They would spend quite a bit of time and effort preparing them by squishing them down to manipulate the kind of reaction they had off the foot. Kickers prefer balls that have been 'broken in'. But there were also some concerns about too much doctoring of the ball, and the NFL has been trying to make life harder on the kicker to encourage fewer touchbacks and fewer field goal attempts since these plays are less exciting than the alternative. So the NFL decided to make sure that balls that were kicked with were fresh, and so they would hold some in reserve and these were referred to as the 'K' balls (for Kicker). Because the ball was particularly new it was slicker and the leather a bit harder than the ball in play, but it was effectively the same ball as the one in play was before it was subjected to the punishment of game play. Thus when a kicker comes into the game, one of the first things he does is start maniacally squishing and manipulating the ball in an attempt to break it in a little before he is required to resume play.

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Q: Do kickers in NFL use a specific type of ball?
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What does letter K mean on NFL chaingang shirt?

He is the person who holds the ball for the kickers. They use a separate ball.

Does the NFL use a different football to kick and punt than they do to pass and hand off to players?

Yes, the NFL uses 2 types of balls. The kickers and punters use a different ball than the regular game ball. The kickers ball is easier to kick and travels a little further. Take care....Brad

How many kickers are on an NFL team?

Yes, they can. An NFL team can be entirely composed of kickers if such a team wanted to, but obviously, that would never happen.

What is a k-ball?

While NFL teams are allowed to practice with regular game balls, a "K" Ball is the term used by special teams for a brand new ball, not used until kickoff - hence the term K-Ball.

How many black punters are in the NFL?

The are no black punters or kickers in the NFL.

What is the dress code for the NFL Kickers?

a uniform

Does an NFL kicker use a special football?

yea, the balls used for special teams have the letter k written on them. The K Ball came to being after many NFL Kickers were having super-natural field goal percentages and making over 90% of their kicks. The NFL and Commissioner deemed it necessary to make it more challenging for kickers, thus the "K Ball" was born. The K Ball, simply stands for 'kickers ball' and it is handled by a special field crew who ensure the ball is inflated to 13 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) which is very compressed and hard. So in cold weather conditions, you can expect the field goal to travel about 5-7 yards less than the normal distance an NFL kicker can kick.

Do NFL kickers practice tackling?

wouldn't you practice tackling if a 300 pound player came after you? Kickers actually have to tackle players in the 200 pound range. 300 pound players rarely touch the ball on special teams.

Any current kickers in the NFL?

Nick Folk

Can the nfl sign walk on kickers?

yes, there are multiple camps kickers can go to and get DOES cost money though..

Which NFL players wear number 54?

Quarterbacks and kickers.

Famous NFL Kickers named Jason?

Jason elam