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The are no black punters or kickers in the NFL.

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Q: How many black punters are in the NFL?
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How many NFL punters get signed with only high school experience?

no nfl punters are punters with only high school experince.

Are there any black punters?

Reggie Roby was the latest black punter in the NFL. He played for the Miami Dolphins 1983-1992

Are there black punters in the NFL?

As of Jan 2, 2008, there are no black place kickers in the NFL.But there is a black punter. Reggie Hodges recently played for the Titans.

How common are knee sprains?

they are most common for NFL kickers and NFL punters because they use there leg and the power goes to the knees and sprains it.

How far do you have to punt to be in the nfl?

You should be able to punt at least 45 yards if you are in the NFL. Some punters can punt much further than this.

How many black players are in the NFL?

According to the Huffington Post, 70% of NFL players are black.

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