Which NFL players wear number 54?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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Quarterbacks and kickers.

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Q: Which NFL players wear number 54?
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NFL players that have worn number 54?

Mike Alstott

What NFL players wore number 54?

Randy White

What NFL players have worn 54?

Zach Thomas Brian Urlacher Bobby Carpenter

How many players does a football team have to have?

An NFL team can have up to 54 players in their active roster, but if you just want to field a team the minimum would be 43 or so.

What number did Kent Benson wear as a Hoosier?


In ESPN NFL 2k5 how do you get a maximum of 54 players on your team in order to move on to the regular season?

Franchise Mode>Front Office>Contracts, then either release or sign players.

What number does Tedy Bruschi wear?

New England Patriots Linebacker Tedy Bruschi wears #54.

Why can't all 53 players on NFL team suit up on game day?

Because 54 would be one too many.

Name of the players wearing number 54 this year for Tennessee Titans?

Eugene Amano

What jersey number did Steve savard wear with Dallas Cowboys?


Who are the players who have worn number 54 for the Chicago Bears?

Brian Urlacher

What Tampa Bay Buccaneers players wore number 54?

Currently linebacker Lavonte David wears number 54 but if we talk an further back, that would include Patrick Chukwurah, Geno Hayes, Wesly Mallard, Jimmy Williams, Richard Wood, Ervin Randle, and Darnell Stevens as players who wore number 54 as Bucs players.