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Q: Did franco harris have the longest play in a superbowl?
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What years did Franco Harris play for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Franco Harris played for the Steelers from 1972 to 1983.

What football team did franco play for?

Franco Harris played for the steelers as a full back in the 70's

Which nfl teams did Franco Harris play for?

Pittsburgh Steelers Seattle Seahawks

Did Franco Harris have a brother that played football?

Yes he did. Franco had a younger brother named Piero "Pete" Harris, that was named an All-American safety at Penn State University in 1978. During that year, Pete led the nation with 10 interceptions. He did not play in the NFL.

What team does seth franco play?

Seth Franco play for Harlem globetrotter

Are the cowboys are going to play?

In what? The Superbowl? No...

Who did the Jets play in the 1969 superbowl?

The Baltimore Colts.

How many Superbowl's in tom brady play in?


Who did the chiefs play at the Super Bowl?

The Minnesota Vikings.The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Minnesota Vikings 23-7 in Superbowl IV.

Did James Franco play Venom?

no he did not

How many Super Bowls have the Baltimore Colts play in?

The Baltimore Colts played in Superbowl 3 and 5. They won Superbowl 5.

What do men and Super Bowls have in common?

Men play superbowl