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Q: Who did the Denver Broncos play in their first Superbowl?
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What Super Bowl did the Denver Broncos play the Washington Redskins?

Superbowl 22.

Who did the redskins play in Super Bowl?

Miami Dolphins in Superbowl VII & XVII Oakland Raiders in Superbowl XVIII Denver Broncos in Superbowl XXII Buffalo Bills in Superbowl XXVI

Who did the falcons play in the 1998 Super Bowl?

The Superbowl for the 1998-1999 NFL season (Superbowl XXXIII) was a contest between the Atlanta Falcons and the Denver Broncos. The Broncos won, 34-19. It was their second consecutive Superbowl victory.

What year did falcons play in Super Bowl?

Tha Atlanta Falcons played in the Superbowl in 1998, losing to the Denver Broncos.

Who did the giants play in their first Super Bowl?

The Denver Broncos.

Who did Dallas Cowboys play in Super Bowl XXXIII?

No one. The Dallas Cowboys did not play in Superbowl XXXIII. It was the Denver Broncos versus the Atlanta Falcons.

Who did the Green Bay Packers play at Super bowl of 1997?

If you mean Superbowl XXXI, then they beat New England Patriots, but if you mean Superbowl XXXII, they lost to Denver Broncos.

What city are the Broncos in?

The Broncos play in Denver, Colorado.

What state do the Denver Broncos play for?

Colorado. They play in Denver, Colorado.

Why is Denver home of the Broncos?

The Denver Broncos play in Denver because that was where the original owner, decided they were going to be from. If they were in Chicago, they could be the Chicago Broncos.

Whom did the Denver Broncos play in their first Super Bowl?

The Dallas Cowboys.

Did Chris Henry play for the Denver Broncos?

No, Chris Henry never played for the Denver Broncos.

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