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yea but i depends on your school

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Q: Can you play soccer in a league and at school?
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How to play soccer?

to play soccer you play with Atherton high school they can use their hands

If you play indoor soccer in Australia can you still get into a professional soccer league?

yes you can.

Canadian soccer league salary?

i play in the league and a top player in the league makes 2k/month

What countries play in Major League Soccer?

Major League Soccer is the name of the United States' highest-level soccer league. Canada also participates in this league. It was founded in December 1993 and currently includes 19 teams.

Did Pele play soccer ball in Italy?

no, he only played for Santos in the brazilian league and for the New York Cosmos in major league soccer.

Will you be accepted if you cant play soccer in school of soccer sa?


Where do the soccer team Atalanta play?

They play in the Italian league, first division. (Serie A).

In which league do the soccer teams Genoa and Milan play?

The league that the soccer teams Geona and Milan play is called the Seria A league. One can learn more about the teams of Geona and Milan at popular on the web sources such as Yahoo! Sports.

How do you play soccer if your school doesn't have it?

You don't

What soccer team is falcao on?

Atletico Madrid, who play in the Spanish league

What league is the soccer team Celtic fc in?

Celtic currently play in the Scottish Premier League.

What soccer league is Brazil in?

Brazil are no a club level team, therefore they play internationaly