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Celtic currently play in the Scottish Premier League.

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Scottish Premier League

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Q: What league is the soccer team Celtic fc in?
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What team won the UEFA Champions League in 1967?

The team that won the UEFA Champions League in 1967 was Celtic FC.

What has the author Brian McGuirk written?

Brian McGuirk has written: 'Celtic FC' -- subject(s): Celtic (Soccer team), History

Which team is the richest in absa premier soccer league?

fc Chelsea

What soccer team is called the Gunners?

Arsenal FC League: Barclays Premier League, England

When did the Seattle Sounders FC play their first soccer game?

Seattle Sounders FC is an American Professional soccer club based in Seattle, Washington that competes in Major League Soccer (MLS). Sounders FC was established in Novermber 2007 as an MLS expansion team, making it the 15th team in the league.

Who is the soccer team for Man City FC?

The soccer team for Mac City FC is Manchester City. Man City, an English Premier football club, is currently 23-6, and is 2nd in the Barclays Premier League.

Who was John Lennon's favorite soccer club?

Joe Strummer was a lifelong supporter of Celtic FC and used to play on the juniors team.

Which team has their home ground named Celtic Park?

The team that has its home ground named Celtic Park is Celtic FC.

Is Lionel Messi on Argentina's soccer team?

Messi is on the Argentina National team, but the club team he plays for is FC Barcelona, is the spanish premier league.

What team does john michie support?

Celtic FC

What league did Celtic fc win in may 2011?

They won the SPL

What is the champions league song called?

celtic fc champions cup