What countries play in Major League Soccer?

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Major League Soccer is the name of the United States' highest-level soccer league. Canada also participates in this league. It was founded in December 1993 and currently includes 19 teams.

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Q: What countries play in Major League Soccer?
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What league does the LA Galaxy play in?

The Galaxy play in the MLS (Major League Soccer).

Did Pele play soccer ball in Italy?

no, he only played for Santos in the brazilian league and for the New York Cosmos in major league soccer.

Where does beckham play?

HE PLAYS AT Los Angeles Galaxy in Major League Soccer

What league does David Beckham play for?

MlS (major league soccer. Club is LA galaxy Happy sex!

Can you play in the Major Indoor Soccer League at th age of 14?

Yes you can all the way to 18

What team did Hernandez play in 2010?

Chivas in the major soccer league. he wasn't a bad player then aswell.

How many spanish speaking countries play soccer?

five spanish speaking countries play soccer

Can you name which countries play soccer?

About 252 countries play soccer. So..yeah..all the European countries and North America.

How many countries participate in Soccer?

It is estimated that over 200 countries play soccer.

How many Countries play rugby league?

Not many countries play rugby league.

Why is it so hard to get into the Major League Soccer?

Major League Soccer, or MLS, is the professional soccer league in the United States. As such, only the highest caliber players will play for teams in this league. For someone to play in the MLS, they generally must play for years, starting at a young age, and be quite talented. They will usually play for junior and reserve competitive teams, sometimes affiliated with (but separate from) professional clubs, and hopefully be selected to move up. Many great players never get the chance to play for a professional team, but all of the players who don't try will fail!

If you play indoor soccer in Australia can you still get into a professional soccer league?

yes you can.

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